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Kinder Information

We are a Spanish Dual Language Immersion Charter School and students are taught in Spanish qualified BCLAD staff.  Our Dual Immersion Charter School has been in successful operation since 2007; prior to that we were a program within RUSD for over ten years!In order for students to acquire a second language, continuous enrollment in the school is necessary for his/her success.  RLA strongly encourages a minimum of a six-year commitment of enrollment at RLA. This duration of attendance ensures development of both English and Spanish languages. 

Language percentages are as follows:

Kinder and 1st grade:   Spanish 90%      English 10%

2nd grade:                      Spanish 80%      English 20%

3rd grade:                      Spanish 70%      English 30%

4th grade:                      Spanish 60%      English 40%

5th through 8th grade:    Spanish 50%      English 50%




For the 2018-2019 School Year: 


Transitional Kinder: Date of birth should be from September 2 - December 2, 2013

Kindergarten: Date of birth should be from December 3, 2012 - September 1, 2013 


To be sure you are ready for Kindergarten Registration at any California public school you should have the following documents ready for registration:

If you are not the biological parent you will need to have proof that you are the legal guardian.

  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Passport to verify student’s identity and age.
  • Copy of updated immunization card, students in California need to have certain vaccines to be placed in a classroom. Ask your child’s doctor if your child is current.
  • Copy or printout of your child’s most recent physical examination, must be signed by your child’s health care provider.
  • Proof of a dental examination.
  • Proof of address must be in one of the following forms: rental agreement, mortgage statement or utility bill.


Kindergarten Enrollment Information

Thank you for your interest in Riverbank Language Academy!


Typically, our Kindergarten Registration Day is held in the early part of February and the lottery follows shortly after.  You may want to contact the office to be placed on the enrollment interest list or be added by completing this google form.


Placement on the enrollment interest list does not guarantee enrollment, it simply means that you will receive information regarding enrollment in the mail or via email. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist you may call the school office directly at 209-869-8093 or you may email  Please include the following: Child's name, parent's name, phone number, and address.


Application Process

Submit the student interest application on the stated open enrollment dates. Applications are accepted in person, via fax or via email. Faxed or Emailed applications are not accepted until 8:00 am. Should an application be faxed or emailed, it is your responsibility to confirm that it has been received. There are only limited dates in which applications are accepted to be eligible for the kindergarten lottery.


Lottery Information

The lottery is held about two weeks after the registration date. If more applications are received than there are spaces, enrollment will be determined by a public random drawing. You are invited to attend the lottery but don’t need to be present to claim your student’s space. ALL of the applications which were received during the open enrollment period are placed in the lottery. Enrollment into the classroom and the official waitlist is established on this day. If your child is not selected for placement in the classroom and has been placed on the waitlist you will want to contact your neighborhood school to enroll at their kindergarten registration date. If you are unable to attend the lottery you may call the school office after 2pm on the lottery day for lottery results.



If at the lottery your child has been selected for placement in the classroom you will need to fcomplete additional requirements.  Being thorough with your child’s paperwork will ensure a smooth enrollment process. Be prepared to have all medical and legal documentation in order. There is a mandatory kindergarten orientation and all incoming students will have an assessment with the kinder team to distribute students evenly among the classrooms.