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RLA Board Members

RLA Board Members

In accordance governing law RLA will have a 5 member board to oversee the daily operations and budgetary decisions of the School (in accordance with this charter petition and any MOU between the RLA and RUSD). The schools board of directors will govern Riverbank Language Academy, in accordance with the terms of this charter.  In the absence of petition language, policy language and/or MOU language specific to RLA, the policies and procedures of the Riverbank Unified School District will be applied to the operational practices and procedures at RLA.  In the event that the RLA Board of Directors can not come to an operational or policy decision that requires the Board’s authority, the Riverbank Unified School District Board of Trustees will be entrusted with the governance and operation of the school.


President:  Mrs. Michelle Guzman (Term 2018-2021)

Board Clerk:  Mrs. Reina Lopez-Negrete (Term 2019-2021)

Board Parliamentarian:  Mrs. Angie Timpone (Term 2019-2021)

Board Member:  Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert-Cotton (Term 2018-2021)

Board District Representative:  Mr. Robert Perez (Serves at the discretion of RUSD)