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2020 Open Enrollment Information for TK & Kinder!
Posted 1/10/20

Thank you for expressing interest in having your child enrolled in Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten (TK) at Riverbank Language Academy.

Children who turn five (5) years old on or before September 1, 2020 can start Kindergarten this coming August.

Children who turn five (5) years old between September 2, 2020 and December 2, 2020 would enroll in TK. 

Open Enrollment Begins Monday, Feb 3rd


Ends Friday, February 14, 2020 at 4:00 pm

Applications will not be accepted after this date. You may also fax or email your form; be sure to contact the office to confirm that your application was received, if you choose to fax or email it. or Fax 209-869-7373

  • There will be a public random lottery on Thursday, March 5th at 2pm, if the number of students who wish to attend the school exceeds the school’s capacity. The official waitlist is also established on the day of the lottery. It is not required that you attend the lottery but to inquire about your child’s placement you may call the school office after 3pm on the day of the lottery. Regarding the waitlist: openings could become available at any time throughout the school year, keep in mind that the waitlist is only valid for one school year and if you are called from the waitlist you have 1 business/school day to accept or decline the vacancy.

  • It is important that you also register your child at your local neighborhood school in case your child’s name is not selected at the lottery, you may contact your local school district office to inquire about their registration dates. Riverbank Unified School District 209-869-2538, Sylvan Union School District 209-574-5000, Oakdale Joint Unified School District 209-848-4884

  • If you need assistance with fulfilling dental or medical requirements for Kindergarten, please contact CASA de Rio Family Resource Center at (209) 869-0468

  • Selected families are required to complete the required application/registration materials and attend required orientation meetings and assessment dates prior to the student being placed in a class at RLA. Due to the nature of Dual Immersion it is important that all families understand the importance of committing long term (Kinder through 8th grade) when enrolling at Riverbank Language Academy.

  • Required Documents to enroll in California Schools, we collect this information after the lottery.
    1. Birth Certificate      
    2. Proof of Immunizations
    3. Proof of Dental Exam
    4. Proof of Physical Examination dated within the past 12 months

Important Dates:


Feb. 14th

Open Enrollment ENDS—You may begin submitting applications on Feb 3rd. The last day to submit an application is Feb. 14th .


Feb. 27th

Parent Information Night for prospective TK & Kinder families

5-6PM in room 18 –will go over RLA’s 90:10 dual immersion model

Thursday, March 5th

Lottery Day –You will know your child’s application status on this day.

Lottery will take place at 2pm 

The following applies only to families selected in the lottery.


 March 27th

If your child’s name was selected at the lottery, you will need to be sure to pick up an enrollment packet.

Deadline for Kinder Packets! Do not wait until this date to submit paperwork—all files need to be completed by this day. You can submit documents starting the day of the lottery; you may submit individual items as you receive them.  

Failure to complete all materials or attend required meetings will result in the removal of your child’s name from enrollment. It is your responsibility to complete all the requirements. No student shall be included on the class roster without all the required documents.

●Birth Certificate                ●Immunization Card

●Proof of Physical Exam      ●Proof of Dental Exam   (

Tues, May 26


Wed, May 27

Kindergarten Assessment Sessions -Contact the office to schedule your child’s assessment date

Kindergarten assessments are important as this provides teachers with the information necessary to evenly distribute students in the three separate kinder classes. Incoming kinders need to attend only one 2 ½ hour session. Drop off 8:45am / Pick Up at 11:30am


July 30th

Mandatory Orientation for Parents-

5:00 p.m. at RLA. This orientation is a requirement of all lottery-selected families to learn about the expectations of this school. We also recommend that the first five names on the waitlist attend the orientation.  At this time, you may schedule your child’s assessment date.

Late July

Teacher Notification/Class Placement Letters

You will be notified by mail regarding your child’s placement. 

Kinder Supplies Requested 

Crayola colored pencils, Crayola brand crayons, Crayola brand markers, Elmer’s glue sticks, a backpack and snacks. Classroom Wish list: Kleenex, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer & copy paper

*Aug. 5th


*First day of school --Kindergarten Hours are 8:07 am to 2:15pm

For information regarding the fee based after school program, please contact CASA del Rio 209-869-0468. Additionally, CASA del Rio will contact RLA Kinders with information regarding their Kinder FACTTS meetings.

Proof of Age

Certified (Official) Birth Certificate


Hospital Certificate

With Dr. Signature


County Recorder’s

Form Stamped

Proof of Immunizations

Polio4 doses required

DTP/DTaP: 5 doses

MMR2 doses

Hepatitis B: 3 doses

Varicella:  2 doses

Proof of Physical Examination

Physical exams are valid for one (1) year

Proof of Dental Exam

dentist 1A complete Dental Examination will be required for every student.